Friday, November 6, 2009

Chuck and Kasey

They're getting married!!! Kasey and Chuck, who might just be the most fun couple ever, also happen to take great photographs! I don't think I stopped laughing one time while I was taking their pictures. I absolutely cannot wait to spend more time with them at their wedding.

Chuck proposed to Kasey in this car (Aw, how sweet!), so we really wanted to get a special engagement picture including this car. This is definitely one of my favorites pictures. It's so great when you can incorporate special things into special photos!
There will never be a dull moment with these two! Congratulations, Chuck and Kasey!!!


It is so sweet to get to take a newborn baby's pictures. They grow and change so very quickly, and it's fun to be able to chronicle each stage with photographs. Jack was just a tiny little thing when I first got to take his pictures. Someday he will be big and tall, and this is just a special memory of how little he once was! Look at those teeny toes!


We only had about twenty minutes to get some pictures, but Daniel - who was also very ready for a nap! - was a trooper! He took some beautiful pictures, and I cannot wait to take more when he is three months older!
Aren't baby feet so precious?

He was such a calm baby. Just look at that beautiful smile!

Jack and Anna

Sometimes you can just see a kid's personality through a picture. Jack and Anna - my dear friend Stacy's kids - have no shortage of personality! And the camera loves it!

Doesn't she just look like too much fun?
The sunglasses were her Mom's. The attitude was all Anna's.
Jack had so much fun trying to think of different poses.
I had so much fun taking these pictures!

Tara and Darren

Could there be anything more fun than taking wedding pictures? You just know that the couple will look through those photos for years and years, so I was thrilled to be a part of Tara and Darren's special day. Hopefully these pictures make them smile and bring back wonderful memories!

Wishing the newlyweds all the joy a shared life can bring! Thanks so much for including me!

Best Friends

My ten year highschool reunion was this summer (gasp!), and two of my best friends - who live hundreds of miles away - were able to come back to town. We took some amazing pictures of their families, and then we took some shots of our beautiful selves! Even though we haven't even lived in the same state for years, we always have so much fun and are so close.

Check out the supermodels!!!


Sometimes I get to take pictures of my family and close friends. So when one of my best friends came home for a visit, she wanted to me take some family pictures.

We went to this little park downtown, and the setting was perfect. While I took pictures of one of the kids, the others could run around and play.

Amber has this one framed on her fireplace mantle!

I love taking pictures that are surprisingly beautiful .

What a sweet moment!


I had never seen Molly in anything but jeans and a tee shirt until she came to the photo shoot. I was just in awe of how well she took to the camera! Every pose worked for her.

Aside from being such a beautiful girl, she was also super calm and relaxed. That made for a great picture day!

I love these pictures. I really can't wait to work with Molly again!


The Walls are a great family who have come to me for several years to take family pictures. Their three adorable kids are so outgoing, and we always get fabulous shots of them. The weather was amazing, and I had such a great time making some new memories for a beautiful family!

I love how his eyes even look happy!

All together now: "Aaaahh!"

Such a pretty girl!