Friday, January 1, 2010

The Allens

I sometimes get to take pictures of my family, and it's so fun getting to see people I love through the camera lens. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law let me take some family pictures of them with their sweet baby girl Jacklyn.

Look at those adorable facial expressions! She cracks me up!
I had to drag Carl in front of the camera, but look how well it turned out, Carl!
I love this picture. So pretty.
Isn't this such a cute Ugg shot?


Senior pictures are such a fun way to document all the youth and excitement right before you begin your "real" life. Flor and I got to spend some time together trying to create some really fabulous and beautiful pictures that will always remind her of high school.
Flor is a senior at Byng High School, and she's headed to East Central in the fall. She's also Rotary's December Student of the Month!

Flor was super fun to work with. She was great and easy-going, and I had a great time taking pictures of her.

Congratulations, Flor! Have a wonderful senior year!