Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jeremy & Jessica......Calvin, OK

Jeremy & Jessica.........Calvin, OK

Let me start out by saying that Jeremy and Jessica were married 3 weeks ago. I realized that I never posted their engagement pictures on my I wanted to get them posted before I post their wedding images. So Jeremy and Jessica, here you go!

Jeremy and Jessica are such a fun FUN couple......We went for an outdoor woodsy shoot, and by golly did we get it! This last fall must have been the fall for STICKERS!!!!!! Amidst having to deal with all of them, we had a blast! I love spending time with the two of them because they are obviously in love, and they never stop having fun. They're so laid back which I just absolutely love.....

Jeremy and Jessica, I know you will be extremely happy. I know you are back from Italy for your honeymoon, and you had a gorgeous wedding......

Here's to reliving your memories while planning for new ones!

Tina Lanae