Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life Has Slowed Down.......Temporarily

Wow! It has been such a busy week!!!!! Now, some of you may not be aware, but I do have a full-time job other than photography. I work for the Chickasaw Nation, like pretty much everybody else in Ada, OK. I have an online store for my artwork, I have my portrait photography and I'm also a co-sponsor for a new blog, .

My friend Stacy, who resides in Wisconsin, dreamt up this wonderful idea for this blog. It's informative and fun! I must admit, she's the brains and most of the muscle behind this shindig!!! I'm really great at moral support! GO STACY!!!! Go check out the blog if you get a chance. There's a new how-to posted every week, and postings throughout the week along the same topic of items you can buy or supplies to make them. Who knows, you might find yourself another hobby.

One of the photoshoots I had this weekend was with a senior. She's the cutest thing, and talk about photogenic. She was great to work with, and never questioned me when I put her in really odd positions for a picture. She definitely was a trooper. Here's a few pics to give you an idea:

I'm still working on the website. Just a few more things to complete, and I will be finished!!! I'm so excited, but the perfectionist in me just won't let it go yet!!!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lanae Photography featured in another blog!!!!!

Good evening OU fans and others!!!!

Before any of you get offended, I do not follow football at all. I follow, sometimes unwillingly, the man on the couch beside me wearing the OU shirt who spends a lot of time yelling at the tv. So, with football not being one of my forte's, I snagged my sister-in-law's laptop and decided to do something productive. I've never been a big fan of just sitting around not doing anything anyway. So, in other words, it's BLOG time!!!

Lanae Photography was featured today in the Photographer's of Etsy's Team Blog. I am a member of this wonderously talented group, and I consider it a very humbling honor to be included with the artists that are recognized as well.

The game is almost over (whew!) and maybe I can get back to a somewhat normal life now!!!!

Just FYI, OU is ahead 45 to 31 with 51 seconds left! I'm outta here~

Tina Lanae

Friday, October 17, 2008

2 Years in the Making.....

It's almost here. My long awaited website and blog are finally peeking their eyes around the corner...waiting for me to show them to the world.......

Two years ago this month, I ventured out on a dream that I had hoped would lead me here but never dreamed it would have been this much fun.

I've always yearned to "take pictures", but being a photographer never seemed to be what I was destined for. My parents never pushed for me to be a photographer. They pushed for a teacher. I mean, who could blame them. They work Monday-Friday, most holidays off, SUMMERS off, leaving school around 3:30......and they had time for my twin sister and me. That was the most important. They've always pushed for me to be a teacher, and I truly thank them for that. I think I would be great at it, and I may do that someday. For now, I'm loving this!!!!!!

I've never been the type of individual who could really focus on one thing for too long. I would get bored at my jobs. I would get bored with my clothes. I just got bored. I never really understood why that was, and to tell you the truth, I didn't think about it too much. I just took that for it was who I was, and I accepted it. Nothing wrong with that, right?

My husband, who I'm sure you will hear many mentions of during this blog, knew I had a passion for photography, and he bought me my first DSLR camera. My first reaction was we didn't need to be spending that kind of money right now, but the camera had hypnotized me. I soon forgot we were now more poor than before.

From day one, I started taking pictures of EVERYTHING! You name it, I took a picture of it. To make this novel of a story short, it evolved into Lanae Photography. It evolved into this business, which my husband refers to as a jobby (job/hobby) that I am never dreading doing everyday. I can't wait to get home to continue what project I had taken on the day before.

So.....hopefully within the next few weeks, will have it's re-birth. It will evolve into the future of Lanae Photography, and I truly hope that you are involved in it one way or another.

See you soon!

Tina Lanae
Lanae Photography
Dream it! Live it! Capture it!