Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lanae Photography featured in another blog!!!!!

Good evening OU fans and others!!!!

Before any of you get offended, I do not follow football at all. I follow, sometimes unwillingly, the man on the couch beside me wearing the OU shirt who spends a lot of time yelling at the tv. So, with football not being one of my forte's, I snagged my sister-in-law's laptop and decided to do something productive. I've never been a big fan of just sitting around not doing anything anyway. So, in other words, it's BLOG time!!!

Lanae Photography was featured today in the Photographer's of Etsy's Team Blog. I am a member of this wonderously talented group, and I consider it a very humbling honor to be included with the artists that are recognized as well.

The game is almost over (whew!) and maybe I can get back to a somewhat normal life now!!!!

Just FYI, OU is ahead 45 to 31 with 51 seconds left! I'm outta here~

Tina Lanae

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Stacy said...

That's exciting! Congrats on the blogging.