Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brad, Nikki & Carly Lemon

Carly Lemons had me laughing. She did not want to have her picture taken. She wanted a milk shake!!!! Granted, she came around, and we had a blast. It's good to be reminded every now and then how intimidating my camera and lens are, especially when I'm a total stranger to kids.

The Lemon's family pictures are the perfect example of the style that I absolutely love to shoot, True Life. You'll hear it phrased documentary, Lifestyle, True Life.....it's my favorite because it's your family just as they are. I don't focus on making sure that everybody is looking at me just perfect for every shot. Sometimes people can get frustrated when their kids aren't in the mood to have their picture taken, but some of my favorite pictures come from shoots like that.
Carly was a doll, and she really kept me laughing. Brad and Nikki couldn't have been sweeter. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Lemons Family, and I will definitely never forget Carly. At the end of the shoot, I thanked Carly for playing with me. Carly's response....."Where's my milk shake!?"

Thank you Brad, Nikki and Carly for allowing me to spend time with your family.

Tina Lanae

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