Saturday, April 23, 2011


I am in a black and white mood today!!!! I absolutely love black and white with Jacklyn because she soooo full of expression and personality. Jacklyn loves to play and run around....without being told what to do, and I absolutely LOVE this!!!! It makes for some of the most darling photographs that her parents and family can cherish for forever!!! Poor Jacklyn did get her first bee sting on this shoot, so we did have to cut it short. She was definitely a trooper.

Memories are meant to be captured and treasured forever. Pictures are the perfect way to always have them. One of the pictures of Jacklyn where she is looking at a picture is of her late grandpa. Jacklyn's parents will always make sure that she knows who her family is, whether they're still with us or not.

Thank you Jacklyn for playing with me!!!

Tina Lanae

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